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Sofyma is the other name for a reliable, effective web development services agency that solves problems and delivers results.

Our Story

Sofyma founders Juan (Spain) and Simeon (Bulgaria) first met in the USA in 2000. They became friends and years later, in 2009, Sofyma was born to support projects for several London agencies with outsourced web developer services. 

Years later, Sofyma has successfully delivered web design and website development services for hundreds of small businesses, startups to enterprises and known world brands. 


Our clients speak

"The guys at Sofyma do great work, across technologies and geographies. They get the job done and offer their expertise at very competitive rates."

Andrew Marsh

Digital Partner at Founded

"A joy to work with. Excellent results and very cost effective. For me, as a Project Manager, I felt that my project build was in great hands and made my job easier knowing that the delivery would be of utmost standards and on time. Simeon was always very quick to respond to queries or deal with issues / amends. Definitely would recommend Sofyma and/or use them again."

Gina Harrington

was Project Manager at Redbox Digital

"Sending out your own design to someone to slice up and make functional is a very risky thing, you always want it to come back to you just as you envisioned it. Sofyma definitely helped me out with integrating my design into an e-commerce hosted solution with great detail and met the deadline. It was great to receive good code without any worries. I will definitely hire Sofyma again when deadlines get tight."

Shaymein Ewer

UX Lead at Honeywell


From startups to blue chip companies - we always delivered.



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Due to confidentiality we can't display all the work we do for global brands in collaboration with our partner agencies. 

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