Point straight at what you likePrototyping matters


Feel free to look at examples, provided by your web designer – just to get an idea. You can always reject, but why restrict yourself?

Point straight

Clarity serves you best – if you recommend a certain website because of the animations, the layout or the contact form they have – make this note to the web agency, so they will be aware of what to look at. If you like the animations – don’t expect them to use similar fonts for example. Always define what precisely attracts you at a certain reference and you’ll receive work as close as possible to your ideas. Discuss as much as you can to squeeze out the essence.

it’s the very first step to define the type of content.

Prototyping matters, it’s the very first step of the process which can significantly ease the layout configuration later. Many clients skip this step due to the impression that it will save them time and money.

  • Prototyping, even in the simplest way done, can avoid so many confusion situations both for the client and for the dev team, that the benefits of it completely overcome the cost of the time invested.

  • Knowing where is what and how it’s supposed to function is the vital skeleton of the site/app – without a clarified construction things can never run smoothly.


  • So here comes the team on your side

  • Use them to prepare mockups or if you still think it’s very time consuming – at least discuss with them in detail every screen of the future website and they will know how to help themselves.

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