Typography - Assets and Style GuideWhy fonts matter

part 1: ASSETS AND STYLE GUIDE – Colours

Typography holds the key to the perfect representation of your company

If you already have a developed brand style then you must have the typography rules in brand application defined already. But yet there are 2 important keynotes here.


Fonts are a key asset and getting the designers familiar with it as early as possible will keep them safe from any confusion and you – from time and money wasted on unnecessary discussions. If you have defined brand fonts – they must be in you assets, ready to be used in your new website.


Your fonts might just not work on websites or apps – keep in mind that these have certain restrictions in terms of web safe fonts. Most popular fonts have their web versions but usually these are paid per website and traffic so please keep that in mind. It’s the agency team responsibility to inform you and react on time if your style guide fonts are inapplicable. They should check with you if you already have purchased web fonts or suggest you the closest possible web safe font combinations. Ideally, you should see examples in situ. If you happen to work with an internal designer – consult your options with them. If you don’t have any – better rely on the advices of the web designer you’re hiring – it’s their obligation to be familiar with typographic features and advise you best.

Another important step here is font size

yes, web is different. The rules for legibility and text preservation are strict and they might slightly differentiate from your style guide. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to discuss this topic with the web designer, they should make you familiar with the best approach that will ensure the preferable options to display your information. Typography is also definitive for the whole structure, so the designer might use it to get more creative, too – unless it’s not controversial with any style guides.

Typography defines major visual characteristics of the brand and as a significant factor holds the key to the perfect representation of your company – so better use all your options to achieve the maximum out of it.


  • Web renders fonts differently

  • Yes, this happens, but stay cool – this is how things function and here’s your hero team to decide what’s the best approach.


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