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part 1: ASSETS AND STYLE GUIDE – Colours

part 2: ASSETS AND STYLE GUIDE – Typography

Providing images on time and sharing your preferences of their usage, if you have any, with the agency team will prevent you from many wasted hours of rework. Image application often depends on the layout rules, so remember that when choosing images the web designer will take this into consideration and pick images not only by content and other criteria, but also according to the best visibility of the image in the layout context on the most common screen resolutions.

  • Very often the digital agency team will need to invest even some time in reworking your images to unify them stylistically or, the most important part:

Optimise the images size – this will make the website performance much smoother

One of the responsibilities of the web team you work with is to be always aware of the most common screen resolutions, display settings and test to perfection the performance of you website on these screens. We have observed many confused clients, using old browsers/devices that are no longer supported – emphasising on them, just because somebody in the office uses one. The most important thing you’re possibly trying to achieve is to get as many visitors as possible, having a clean and engaging user experience on your website/app.

  • Emphasise on what’s most common and stay up to date

  • Think about these very simple steps as a way to achieve clarity and flawlessness in the design process, which will bring your site to a new level and save you a lot of effort and time.
    Always discuss with your web team – you’re a client, you’ve got the right to be enlightened.

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Point straight at what you like

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