Colours - Assets and Style GuideBefore your website is being designed

Before your website is being designed it’s in your favour to get prepared with your most powerful weapon – the assets you already have. This is a significant step, because you already might have invested a lot of money in a developed brand style guide and just skip providing it, or even some elements of it. This will not only demand a lot of work hours from the web designers to adapt layout, colours and typography to your style and try to define it, but might also lead to some contradictions that will affect your brand.

The best time to provide assets is as early as possible

Let the web designer get familiar in details with who you are and you’ll receive much more adequate proposals for design much sooner.

  • If you have a style guide – the colours for the website will be defined, but keep in mind that various screens may render them in a different way, so it’s always a good idea to discuss with your web designer their intention of colours application.

For example, you may need to add some more to your palette in order to cover certain functionalities of the site/app or to slightly change a certain colour to ensure legibility when it comes to text or visibility of images.

Keep in mind that the brand style guides are often developed primary for print purposes – maybe this will change in the next few years, but still this is often the case, so use your web designers’ experience and get an advice how to apply your brand palette in the context of the web.

We often have observed client attitude to colours – since they have their emotional impact on people, often the reason for colour preferences are very personal and not objective.

  • Feel free to discuss your ideas with the designer and stay as objective as possible.

  • The web team will always think of what is the best usage of each colour and stay on the cool side in the name of the better work result.


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