The Year of the DogOn Friday 16th Feb, Chinatown will be bulging with decorations and dancers to mark the start of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Dog.

It is usually one of the most exciting events in February in London, attracting hundreds of thousands of people each year.

But these days we are observing some other movements in the digital industry that led us to consider that this is The Year of WordPress.

Our hosting partner recently announced that they moved their infrastructure to the Google Cloud Platform for faster performance, higher uptime, and increased innovation.

This was a great news for our clients running their websites with WordPress, who can see their websites running now even faster.

  • Pantheon is our first choice when it comes to professional hosting for the websites we build on WordPress and Drupal, as it gives us great tools for our release management process and support services.
  • So, Pantheon provides the best hosting for WordPress and Drupal, and they switched from a great infrastructure provider to another even better, the Google Cloud Platform.

What’s left on this equation to consider that this is the year of WordPress?

Well, Google has just announced a partnership with WordPress to push the WordPress platform towards better performance and mobile experience. Putting all this together, we can see some conclusions:

  • Almost 30% of all websites on the internet are built on WordPress. It holds more than 60% of the market share for websites using Content Management Systems.
  • The best hosting platform for WordPress, Pantheon, has chosen the Google Cloud platform to provide an even better infrastructure for the WordPress websites it hosts.
  • Google, one of the main companies who have shaped the internet as we know it, has decided to join forces with WordPress to make the platform even better.

With tens of websites designed and developed every year with WordPress, all this events reinforce our decision to recommend WordPress to our clients as the most user friendly and versatile Content Management System.

  • Now prospects are that it will only get better and better

  • Our goal was to engage with the WordPress community and start a discussion around the performance of the WordPress ecosystem – Alberto Medina

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